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Discovery Series Booklets

A wide range of 32 page Discovery Series booklets with over 100 x titles including topics such as:

Anger & Violence Management



Non-Fiction, Fiction and Music, including special requests from chaplains & inmates, authorised by chaplains. 

Specific books authored by ex-inmates & others for those doing time. We found that repeat requests, for these books, from both chaplains & inmates substantially exceeded all other requests. Recently we have increased the number of books authored by ex-inmates to over twenty and will continue on. We now mark these books with a label 'Authored by an Ex Inmate' & 'Book of the Month' which also extend to books authored by others, that are exceptionally suited to inmates searching for a more excellent way forward to rehabilitation and reintegration through Christ. 















 Inspirational Booklets, Tracts & Bookmarks









Christian Comics















 DVD's and CD's

Ongoing regular distribution of DVD's and CD's. As with the books previously referred to, these titles are specifically focused to encourage inmates toward a path of safety, certainty & enjoyment in Christ Jesus. 










 Christian Newspapers