What We Do

We supply Christian resources to Chaplains in all of the Correctional Centres & most of the Juvenile Justice Centres in Australian & New Zealand. Our resources include:

  • Every Day With Jesus, The Word For Today, Our Daily Bread, Thrive & Chinese devotionals
  • A wide range of 32 page Discovery Series booklets with over 100 x titles including topics such as building, sorrow, anger & violence management books, non-fiction, fiction & music
  • Specific books authored by ex-inmates & others specifically for those doing time
  • Inspirational Booklets, Tracts and Bookmarks
  • Comics
  • CDs & DVDs – many specific to those doing time
  • Christian Newspapers including Challenge & Eternity
  • A number of Emmaus Correspondence School Reply Paid cards which inmates fill in their request to commence a course with Emmaus. We also supply a monthly copy of Emmaus Prisoners Course History to the Chaplains.
  • An option of one of the three Bibles we carry to inmates who complete & return a 'Reply Paid' card

We distribute monthly in Australia & bi-monthly in New Zealand annually distributing over 150,000 Christian Resources to Chaplains for Inmates.

The Warehouse